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MPLIFY EVENTS - Smart Event Solution for Great Event Experience

MPLIFY EVENTS - Smart Event Solution for Great Event Experience

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What is mplify Events?

All-in-one smart event solution that enhances attendees engagement and ease all the event burdens through mobile technology. The platform consists of web platform for organizers and mobile application for attendees. With powerful promoting, easy online registration, live-interactive tools along with other community features, mplify Events aims to make easier, more attractive and engaging events.

What does mplify Events offer to event organizers?

The main thing that we have to offer is to provide both organizers and attendees with a smart event experience, enabled by mobile technology. By leveraging technology, event organizers can save a lot of time, cost and efforts for managing the events and engaging their attendees. It can be effectively used for not only external events for clients, public attendees, but also for internal events especially face-to-face training and development activities.

What makes you different to other event apps?

Our mission is engaging people, making difference. We are not just here to make money. We work to empower organizers to create the best experiences for all events. Besides corporate events, we also support individual and corporate training activities at the same time by allowing 2 different email ids on the same account at the same time. We also support in-app live streaming so the events now are online accessible to all attendees from any parts of the world with still the very real and excellent event experience.

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