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[By the Association for Talent Development] ATD 2021 South East Asia Summit

We proudly welcome you to join our first virtual ATD 2021 Southeast Asia Summit held on 2-3 March.

Designed for talent development and HR professionals, learn how industry experts are tackling talent development and learning challenges in a world of hybrid telework approaches – in both live and on-demand sessions. Brush up your skills to thrive in a digital-first world with one of ATD's certificate programs and find a unique opportunity for networking in social distancing times.

With over 300 expected participants, 20 interactive sessions, 20 on-demand sessions (available for 60 days after the event), 17 speakers, 3 mini boot camps, 2 days, and 1 great learning experience, we have it all ready for you!

Don’t miss this special opportunity to be part of the first ATD 2021 Southeast Asia Summit! Find out more event details here and secure your place today!


Why Attend?

  1. Garner valuable insights, perspectives and experiences from the key leaders in the field of learning and talent development
  2. Experience a comprehensive programme with cutting-edge findings and trends that maximizes your learning experience and capabilities development
  3. Gain inspiration, strategies and skills you need to motivate your workforce to succeed in the new normal
  4. Participate in discussions surrounding the latest innovations, technology and insights to scale your talent and skills
  5. Learn how to incorporate the latest learning technologies and strategies to cultivate a strong learning culture and platform within your organization
  6. Engage with the "who's who" in Asia's L&D community and expand your network with potential collaborative partners


Virtual Experience

  1. Network and engage through our 1-1 virtual matchmaking with attendees, speakers and exhibitors
  2. Schedule video calls from our private meeting scheduler
  3. Livestream our live interactive sessions with ease
  4. Pose your most sought after questions to our global experts during their Q&A session on the audience response tool
  5. Keep track of the agenda that highlights our line-up of speakers, sessions, and their timings in great detail
  6. Enter our virtual booths and engage with corporates on their product and service demonstrations on the audience response tool
  7. Experience 60-days of on-demand sessions from 20 different regional and global talents from the end of the summit
  8. Download to receive slides from interactive sessions that you may have missed, or want to learn more elaborately on
  9. Join an elite group of participants coming from Shell, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Airbnb, Petronas, AIA, GSK, MAS, Dairy Queen International, and more!


About Us

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) has been a respected global leader in talent development for over 80 years. We service 120 countries with education programs, certification, content, and events. Our vision is simple. To create a world that works better. Learn more about how ATD helps the global community of talent development professionals achieves their full potential.

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