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[By AHDO] Get A Human Development Certification from ASEAN HUMAN DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION

The ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO) is the international community for human development professionals in the workplace.

If you are in HR, higher education, consulting, training, government or social enterprise, AHDO is for you. AHDO created the first certification training worldwide for Human Development practitioners.

It is based on UN principles and goals as well as practical knowledge and capabilities for developing people. In July 2021, AHDO will pilot Level 1 certification – the foundational programme you need to be a recognised human development professional.

**Cohort 3 is now open for registration. Classes will start 26 March 2022

Who is this certification for? 

  • New Members to AHDO
  • HR Professionals who want to orient their careers in human development
  • Consultant and Trainers who want to lead human development programmes and projects
  • Educators who want to gain practical experience in human development areas
  • Professionals in government and non-government institutions dealing with human development
  • Students who are preparing a career in human development

*If you live outside the ASEAN region you can enrol for AHDO’s global certification by replacing travel to ASEAN countries with countries closer to home. You will still connect with your cohort online for mentoring, action learning and network building.

Why AHDO? 

  • The knowledge component of certification learning can be completed online - anywhere, anytime
  • Live online learning modules and recorded interviews provide in-depth enrichment
  • Action learning milestones are guided online
  • Certification is recognised and available as a a professional reference using the AHDO- McGraw Hill registrar system

Strategic Partnership

AHDO has partnered with McGraw Hill for publishing its Human Development at Work Series and for e-learning. McGraw-Hill will co-publish: 

  • E-Learning
  • Books
  • Certification

Certification Process

Certification encompasses all the components of the programme: knowledge, capability, action learning and career development. The purpose of certification is not to get a document to hang on the wall or a badge to add to one’s list of credentials – it is your identification as human development professional including assessment of your capability and feedback on your career strategy.  

Certification is assessed according to quality criteria from your learning experience, your career strategy and your action learning project. AHDO certification takes place in interview format with assessment and recommendations by a panel made up of the following: 

  • A certified AHDO trainer
  • Your career development mentor
  • Your action learning mentor
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